Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

We had another doctors appointment today. I had to do that lovely glucose test. They gave me a fruit punch drink which really wasn't bad tasting at all. But everything checked out fine. No gestational diabetes here! I am border line anemic so they told me to eat more red meat and green vegetables. We heard the heart beat again, nice and strong. I'm measuring perfectly which is great. No names yet, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!! I'll try to post some pictures of my pregnant self soon!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spencer's New Hair

Today we got Spencer's hair cut! He did SO great! He cried at first, but then realized it wasn't so bad. Now if we could just teach him to smile for the camera!

Utah Weekend

This last weekend, we took a trip down to Utah. Robert's friend, Hailey, just got married so we went down for the open house. We also haven't seen our friend, Josh, for months so that was a good motivator to go down to Utah, too. And we got to see Jessica, Robert's sister, which was awesome! The open house was Friday night so we spent the night in Sandy. The next day we decided to go to the Hogle Zoo. We had tons of fun! Here are a couple of pictures from the zoo:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

What a Mother's Day! Or should I say a Mother's weekend! It was lovely! It all started Thursday when Robert came home early from work. We decided to beat the Mother's day rush and go out that night for Mother's day. We dropped Spencer off at Rob's parent's house and off we went. We ate at the Blue Hashi, a yummy sushi place in Idaho Falls. It was delicious! We love sushi! If you've never tried it, you may be surprised. It's not all raw fish on a plate. One of the rolls we got was a surf and terf so it had cooked steak in it. The roll I chose was a crunch roll. It had tempura shrimp and crab in it and then it was tempura fried. YUM! Can you tell I'm pregnant??? : ) After dinner he gave me my gift, An Inconvenient Book by Glenn Beck. I was so excited! I've been wanting to read this book since I saw it and have been on the waiting list, yes the waiting list, at the library since like January! So now I have my own copy! If you've never read it or heard of Glenn Beck, go and get it. It's awesome.

Saturday, Robert helped our friends put up new siding on their house. Spencer and I stopped by but there were just too many sharp things that little boys could get into so we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I went and put Spencer down for a nap at home and Rob came home, too. Then I got to go to the movies! I went with Erin and Jillian, some friends we know through Melaleuca. It was so fun to get out of the house and have some girl time. We saw Made of Honor, which was cute but pretty predictable. It was just fun to be out with the gals! Then we went back over to Erin's and grilled out some steaks. It was so fun! I love hanging out with our friends! So Saturday was a great day!

Then Sunday was awesome as well! Robert didn't have meetings so we could all go to church together. And he let me sleep in a little while he took care of Spencer. What a fabulous gift! Church went well and Primary was good. I got to help in the nursery which is always fun. The ward gave all the moms tulips which were beautiful! We all got to come home together which was nice since Robert usually has to stay after church to help the bishop. We all laid down before going over the Robert's parents for dinner. We had yummy chicken parmesan! In the middle of dinner, I got a call from home and had the chance to talk to Will!!! He sounds awesome! Everything is going well in California and he's staying nice and busy. I'm so excited to see him in August! Then next time I talk to him, it will be in person!

So Mother's Day was great! I am so grateful for my husband who loves me and takes such great care of our family. Robert is a wonderful husband and father. I love Spencer and am so glad that I get to be his mommy. And I can't wait to meet our little girl in August! Being a mom has its hard times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I looked out the window and what did I see???

POPCORN POPPING ON OUR APRICOT TREE!!! It's true, it really looks like popcorn, huh?!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time for an Update

So here we are, a week after Spencer's surgery and things are almost back to normal. We had a doctor's appointment with Dr. Tall, the urologist, on Monday. I thought he would just look things over and tell us that everything was healing right. Instead, he took the tube out! I thought it had to stay in for at least 10 days, but I guess I was wrong. So of course I'm at the Dr. by myself because Robert had school and work, and the Dr. tells me that he needs me to help the nurse hold Spencer down so they can remove the tube. Let me tell ya, I'm not a needle person and I'm now not a tube person. I just happened to look down right as he was pulling the tube out. YIKES! My stomach did a little flip, but I pushed through it like a Super Mom. He gave us the okay for Spencer to start playing as normal, but he still shouldn't soak and play in the tub like he used to yet.

But we survived! This time last week, things looked rather grim. I didn't know if we were going to make it. But low and behold, we did it! He still has some stitches, but the doc said they would come out on their own in time. We don't have to go back to see the doctor until June 5th. Thanks to everyone who offered prayers and support. We couldn't have gotten through this without you!

Life is getting back to "normal" which is nice! Robert started school a couple weeks ago and is still working full time so we don't get to see him that much. But I'm afraid that it's just one of those things in life that you don't like but just have to deal with. Everything is going well with the pregnancy. The next appointment, I get to do the yummy glucose test. Yuck! But that just means we're getting closer to the end!!! Hope every one's doing awesome! Until next time!