Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flower Power!

Don't you just love the flower headband?! Thanks Steph! Madelyn is doing great. She's growing like crazy and is about to smile. She's been such a joy to have around. We're finally getting into a "routine" which is wonderful! Spencer loves having a little sister so far. Let's keep our fingers crossed...I go back into the doctor tomorrow so that means our little girl is already 6 weeks old. Can you believe it?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Madelyn Elizabeth

Madelyn is growing SO fast! I can't believe she'll be a month old tomorrow! We're in love with this little girl!

Madelyn's Blessing Day

Last Sunday we blessed Madelyn. It was such a great day! My mom and dad, Sarah, Emma, Will, and Andrew were all in town which made it extra special. It was SO great having them here on this wonderful day. We never got a picture of our whole family together, but we got some great pictures of our growing family. We're holding out for a family picture at Thanksgiving when Adam and Sadie Jo will be around. We are so lucky to have Robert's family who live so close by. They were all able to come, too, which meant the world to us! Here are some pics from the blessed day:

(There's picture of cute pregnant Sarah! She tried to run out of the picture, but Robert's faster!)

I am so grateful for a husband who holds and honors the priesthood. Robert is a wonderful husband and father to our children. He did a great job on Sunday. I am excited that we can all be together forever!

Spencer Speaks

I thought it might be time to give a brief update on our little boy, Spencer. He has changed so much in the last couple of weeks. It's crazy! I think that he feels the need to be a "big boy" ever since his sissy came into the world.

He talks nonstop! He is starting to repeat everything we say which may back fire one of these days... : / Let's hope not! And when he repeats what you say, he makes it into a question. Like if you tell him, "In a minute" he repeats, " in a minute?" It's pretty funny. I never knew he knew so many words! Some are still pretty unclear so that makes for a fun game of "What the heck is Spencer talking about?" Robert always wins that one! I don't know why, but I just can't understand him at all sometimes. Like today, he wanted to watch a movie so I told him to pick one out. He kept saying cebles? Rob and I thought he was saying cowboy which meant he wanted to watch Toy Story. Come to find out, he wanted to watch The Incredibles. Who knew?!

The other day, Robert took the day off work so he was here when Spencer woke up from his nap. We hear him playing in his room so Rob went to let him out. Robert walks in his room and finds Spencer sitting on his bed with his piggy bank. Spencer looks up at Robert and says, " I want more money, dad." It was the funniest thing! After Robert stopped laughing he told him that he wanted more money too! Spencer then followed Robert all over the house saying, "more money dad, more money!" Finally Robert told him he had to earn his money so he made him feed Jacque, our dog. When he was done, Spencer was rewarded with 11 cents! He was pumped!

I can't wait to see what Spencer comes up with next...

Can you feel the love???

This is one of the first times Spencer actually wanted to hold Madelyn. Can you tell he's SO excited?