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Monday, October 26, 2009

Silly Spencer

So Spencer has a daily chore: feed the dog. He's been doing a great job at keeping Jacque (our dog fed). Well the other day Spencer and I were in the laundry room (which is where we also keep the dog food) when I reminded him that it was time to feed the dog. So he does and then our conversation went something like this:

Me-"Spencer, did you feed Jacque?"

Spencer-"Yes. Don't worry Mom, I just ate a little bit of dog food."

Me-"WHAT? Spencer, we do NOT eat dog food."

Spencer-"It's ok, Mom. There was a little bit on my cheek so I just ate it."

Me-"No, Spencer, it's not ok. We are people. We don't eat dog food."

Spencer-"Mom....It's a possibility!"

So then on Saturday, Robert, Spencer, and Gerry (Rob's dad) all went to the store together where Robert told Gerry all about the dog food incident. When Robert got the part about possibilities Spencer replied...

"I'm little so I have lots of possibilities."

Where does he come up with this stuff?! What a silly little boy we have.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

Here's another peek at our family pictures! To see the whole album, check out my facebook page! You have to check out! Caralee is one amazing artist! We had a great time!

Friday, September 18, 2009


What a SLACKER! I'm SO sorry! But to make things better check out Caralee Case's blog to view our latest family pictures. Caralee is AMAZING! Check out our pictures and more of Caralee's work at Enjoy!

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's true! I actually ran a 5k! It was awesome! Here's some proof that I completed the race:

Father's Day

That's says Father's Day. I'm THAT much of a slacker. Here's a picture of Robert and Spencer. Spence made Robert a tie out of candy. It was so cute! And very yummy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Look out, here she comes...

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We love Spencer! More posts to come!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Summer Movies!

REG’s Free Family Film Festival is Now Showing! When school’s out, kids around the country visit selected Regal theatres for the Free Family Film Festival. It’s a fun-filled nine weeks of movies for kids and parents. Since 1991, Regal has provided this service to the community, and best of all it’s FREE!
Selected G & PG movies start at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity. The Free Family Film Festival is safe, lots of fun and a great way for kids to spend a weekday morning in the summer.

Edwards Movie Theater-Idaho Falls

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Veggie Tale Movie (G)
Evan Almighty (PG)

Kit Kittredge: American Girl (G)
Nim's Island (PG)

Horton Hears A Who (G)
Inkheart (PG)

The Tale Of Despereaux (G)
Kung Fu Panda (PG)

Everyone's Hero (G)
Surf's Up (PG)

Doogal (G)
Journey To The Center Of The Earth (PG)

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (G)
Bee Movie (PG)

Mr. Bean's Holiday (G)
Alvin And The Chipmunks (PG)

Space Chimps (G)
Madagascar 2: Escape To Africa (PG)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wow. I have been pretty bad at updating lately! Shame on me! We are all doing wonderfully here in good old Idaho. It's slowly getting warmer outside and everything has come back to life.

We had the chance to go to Florida last week. It was awesome seeing everyone! We pulled a fast one on my dad. He had no idea we were coming until we walked in the house at midnight! It was Great! Saturday, Andrew, my awesome little brother, went through the temple for the first time. It was so cool having our whole family in the temple together. It was the most amazing experience being able to sit the Celestial room with the people that I love the most in the whole world (except for Spencer and Madelyn, of course). And the knowing that we could be together forever is such a blessing. I am grateful for that knowledge and only hope that Robert and I can have all our kids in the temple someday.

Other than our trip to Florida, things have been pretty calm around the Sullivan home. Our house is still for sale so if you know anyone who is looking for a charming home in the Idaho FAlls area, please let me know! We're not in a hurry to sell so I'm just trying to be patient. Robert got a new job opportunity at Melaleuca! He now works a "normal" shift here, in Idaho Falls!!! I can't even begin to describe how fantastic it is to have him home in the evenings. WOW. He is totally loving his job, too! Robert's graduation is coming quickly and we're both SO excited. He'll be graduating July 23rd, Spencer's birthday! I want to have a big graduation/birthday bash!

Speaking of Spencer...he is such a big boy. Not physically so much, but he's just really started being a "little boy." He talks non-stop. Questions, questions,'s all I hear all day. But how else are the supposed to learn? I just have to learn to be patient. : ) Easier said than done, I'm afraid. He loves nursery still and comes home from church and tells us all about it. I can't wait for him to be a sunbeam. I think he's going to do great! His favorite Primary songs are "I am a Child of God" and "I Love to See the Temple." He really is such a sweet little guy. I'm so happy I'm his mom!

Madelyn is one crazy gal! She is all over the place and HATES sitting still! You can only imagine how fun it was to fly them to Florida... : ) (Thanks again Dad for all your help!) She crawls like a pro and pulls herself up on everything. She's even starting to stand by herself! Our baby is growing up SO fast! Not fair! She's getting 2 more teeth. Her "dracula" teeth. Not the ones in between, so she's going to look like a vampire baby for a while. She's a sweet little girl. She's so smart and loving. We are lucky to call her ours!

Sorry! I forgot to take my camera to Florida so no new pictures. Robert got me a gift certificate to get our family pictures taken so hopefully I can get my act together and make an appointment soon! For now, here are some pictures old pictures that I don't think I ever blogged. Enjoy!

Easter 2009

Our sweet little girl...

Robert, Spencer, and I went to a Jazz game back in February with our friends the Sweetwoods. It was lots of fun!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

9 Months

Can you believe our little Madelyn is already 9 months old??? We sure can't! She is getting SO big! Some things Madelyn can do at 9 months:

*Crawl like a pro

*Say mama, dada, nana, and baba

*Pull herself up

*Walk along the furniture

*She thinks she can eat anything and she tries to eat everything

*Clap her hands

*Wave hello

*Point really well

*Sleep pretty well through the night

*Beat up Spencer

*And obviously play the piano : )

We love our little girl and are thankful for the blessing she is in our lives. We love you Madie!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

More from Provo

Here are some more pictures from our trip!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Drum Roll, Please...(sorry it's sideways...)


Friday, March 20, 2009


It was the first super nice day of the year here in Idaho! Maybe this year the snow will stop BEFORE June!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We have been busy at the Sullivan home celebrating our Irish heritage...sort of. : ) We made leprechaun hats...

...made gold coins and had a treasure hunt....

...and ate yummy shamrock cookies!
Hope everyone's had a festive day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good times in the tub...

Bath time is a fun time at the Sullivan home. Here are a couple of pictures from the other night:

Madelyn and Spencer have a hard time looking at the camera when the flash is on. But I just love Mady's face in this one.

Like Madelyn's newest trick? She's discovered she can reach forward, grab the infant side of her tub and pull herself up! Silly girl...

Spencer wanted a picture all by himself, but that Madelyn just loves the camera!

The silliest kids in the world, but boy, do we love them!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silly Girl

New Glasses

Robert got some new glasses for his birthday. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last weekend, we were able to take a little family vacation down to Provo! We had tons of fun, other than the fact that Spencer puked all over the back seat of the van on the way down. If you know me AT ALL, you know that vomit is NOT one of my favorite things. Basically, it totally freaks me out. As a kid, whenever anyone would get sick in the house, I would spend the day outside in the hopes that I would not contract the dreaded barfing bug. Long story short, Spencer turned out to be just fine.

While we were in Provo, we of course spent time with two of our favorite people, Will, my brother, and Josh, one of Robert's best friends/brother. We had a blast! We took Spencer to Thanksgiving Point to check out the dinosaurs. Needless to say, he loved it!
We took our time coming home and were able to see Jesse and Larin which is always fun! We're so excited to meet baby Charlie! Jesse's been hard at work getting the baby's room ready and so far it looks great! We tried to treat them to lunch but they both had yucky colds. So we headed on back to the frozen north. It was fun to get away for the weekend and visit people that we love! We had an awesome weekend!