Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Kid!

Spencer had his first day of Kindergarten a few weeks ago. I was, of course, totally cool about the whole thing....ok, maybe not totally. But I made it! I'm a mom. It's my right to get a little emotional. And I held it together when we dropped him of and that's all that matters. Needless to say, Spencer LOVES school! We are lucky to live close to a great school with great teachers. He's even able to ride the bus to school! I think that might be his favorite part. I asked him the first morning he was waiting for bus if he was nervous and he tells me, "Mom, I dreamed about riding the bus all night!" That's Spence for ya! I can't believe he's so grown up!!


Holly Goodman said...

Can you believe we have Kindergarteners now? Crazy! Glad your little guy was excited and is enjoying school. We had a pretty rough start, but today Tabitha told me she's sad there's no school on Saturday and that she misses her teacher.

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